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Beacon is the world’s smartest people management solution designed for workforce optimization and bottom-line improvement.


Beacon is a neuroscience based tool that collects real time people analytics and converts this to easy, practical, and actionable recommendations to help organizations achieve optimal performance.

  • Reduce the guesswork on managing people
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Attract and retain the best talent

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Beacon is brought to you by MillenniaMinds and Horsa

MillenniaMinds is a boutique consulting company based in San Francisco specialized in organizational development and behavioral marketing. The company helps mid size and large organizations to improve the bottom line by creating a sustainable work environment where people can give the best of themselves, flourish, and be happier. All of this is possible only by matching our deep understanding of the best business practices, big data, and behavioral sciences.

Horsa is a leading ICT Group experienced in Designing, Implementing and Managing corporate IT solutions.
Horsa is a System & Solution Integrator with over 20 years’ experience which delivers excellence in ERP, CRM, Business Analytics and other technologies. Horsa invests in highly innovative technologies such as Big Data, IoT, Cloud, Predictive Analytics and E-commerce. We select the best products and implement highly integrated IT infrastructures without ever losing sight of preserving investments made.

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