Data Ingestion

What is Data Ingestion?

Data ingestion is the transportation of data from assorted sources to a storage medium where it can be accessed, used and analysed by the business. Sources may be almost anything —including SaaS data, in-house apps, databases, spreadsheets or even information scraped from the internet. The destination is typically a data warehouse, data mart, database or a document store.


Understanding data ingestion is important, and optimising the process is essential. For this reason Horsa view the data ingestion layer as the backbone of our Data Management Service. Downstream reporting and analytics systems rely on consistent and accessible data resulting from optimum and efficient ingestion.

Data ingestion can be done either in real-time or in batches at regular intervals. It entirely depends on the requirement of your business. Horsa assess and design the data ingestion layer using tailored architectures with best fit tools such as Talend, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Azure Data Factory, and Attunity Connect.

Unsure where to store your data?

On premise or on the cloud, we can help your business find a safe and secure data storage solution.

We deploy three main types of Data Warehouses.

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